3 Great Ways to Use the Nabi Chore List

Nabi chore list PIOne of my favorite features of the Nabi kids tablet series is the Nabi Chore List. It’s a great little app that can provide incentives to your child for completing a whole lot of different tasks.

I know that personally, it’s been a very valuable resource and my daughter loves the sense of accomplishment that she feels when I approve her tasks and mark them as completed.

Below, you will find 3 great ideas for using the Nabi chore list that I can truly say have worked, and worked well for both my daughter and myself.

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How to Use the Nabi Chore List

Nabi Chore List Idea #1 – It’s All about Respect

I’m of the old-school mentality that you should respect your elders. I still, to this day say “sir” and “ma’am” to those of authority and especially to those who are members of my elderly community. Perhaps this a bit “old-school” but I feel that respecting those who came before you is important.

My daughter had a big problem with authority. At the age of 6, she refused to listen to her teachers, would often completely ignore them when they were trying to talk to her, and had many of the same types of behavior toward her grandparents.

After we had discussed this numerous times, I decided to try adding this “chore” to her chore list on her Nabi 2. We had numerous successes with homework, household chores, and other items as completing chores on her Nabi left my daughter with a feeling of accomplishment.

She would always say “I earned coins, can I get a game?” It was never about having the coins, but always about her feeling as though she had “earned” them, which she truly had.

Now, back to the topic at hand. Once we started her new chore, the results were almost instantaneous. She was responding well to her teachers, older family members, and others within days. This is one chore that I was very happy to check off for her every-day and she continues this positive behavior even now that it is no longer an applicable chore.

Nabi Chore List Idea #2 – Teaching the Importance of Earning

As I mentioned in the tip above, the Nabi chore list has really made my daughter feel as though she is earning the ability to purchase her own games, books, and apps by completing her chores.

While an allowance had been present prior to having her Nabi 2, she never really seemed to grasp it. Perhaps it was her age, but I really believe that her being able to always see how many Nabi coins she has earned allows her to kind of have a goal to work toward.

She looks forward every-day to getting her “jobs” marked off as she calls them, and has even recently started asking me to punch her time-card when I check off her chores. It’s truthfully a very funny daily encounter.

Giving your child the feeling of earning something is a remarkable thing, especially in the times we live in. Thankfully, Nabi has incorporated this straight into their tablet design and I truly couldn’t be happier about the system.


Nabi Chore List Idea #3 – Highlighting the Importance of Learning

Education and development are two things that I hold to be essentially important in regards to my children. I believe all of us, as parents, wish for our kids to have a better life than we have had, and we try to instill the importance of learning at a young age.

With the education and university chores on the Nabi family of tablets, you are able to not only reward your child for good grades, but also reward them for certain scores that they have achieved within the educational software that is available for the Nabi.

This allows you to encourage your children to partake in not only the more entertaining things such as video, but also the educational content that is at the core of the tablet.

After all, one of the biggest reasons we want to buy a tablet for kids in the first place is to help them reach higher educational standards, right?

What Do You Think About the Nabi Chore List?

Have you ever used the Nabi Chore List before? What chores do you typically like to assign your children? Please leave your ideas, questions and comments below and as always, thanks for reading!

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