Best Tablets Kids Love Under $100

Best Tablets Kids Love Under $100 PI

It takes a lot to entertain kids nowadays. Regular toys just aren’t cutting it! However, there are several childrens devices around the world that aim to please kids and keep them busy. Parents have to be very strategic when choosing the right tablet for their kids. Because it is extremely important to keep aspects like affordability, ease of use, and memory/storage in mind we have put together our choice of the best tablets kids love under $100 to help you stay within your budget. Essentially, the best bang for the buck.  

Affordability, ease of use and memory/storage are all equally important because they are the main parts of a tablet. If these three aspects aren’t up to par, obviously no one will like or buy the product. In order to make the shopping process much easier, here are some details on the best tablets for children.

Orbo Jr.

This tablet is probably one of the best devices for children out there! Its funky and bright outer design is attractive and unique. The performance is outstanding considering the fact that it runs on 4GB alone!

Simply purchasing and inserting an SD card can expand the memory and storage of the tablet. The storage space can be expanded to 32GB, which is amazing. Although parental controls do not come preloaded onto the device, they can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

This tablet can run all kinds of different apps, both educational and entertaining. The best part about this device is that it is only $60! You’ve got to be crazy to pass up such a high-quality tablet for such a great price.

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Leappad 2

The LeapFrog LeapPad 2 is a children’s device for those parents who are looking to entertain their children, while still having them learn. The Leappad 2 is an educational tablet that comes pre-loaded with many educational and unique apps for children. From numbers, to letters, to reading, the Leappad offers many different options for your child.

The tablet is also very easy to use because it is simple for children and it also offers many setting options for parents so that they can adjust the program of the tablet and control what their child is learning, hearing, and seeing. The Leappad 2 only has 4GB of memory and sadly, the device does not allow SD cards that expand the storage of the tablet. Lastly, the Leappad 2 is priced at $100, which is a pretty normal price for most kid tablets. Overall, this tablet is a very good choice for parents who would like to educate their children, while still trying to not empty their wallets. 

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VTech InnoTab3S Learning Tablet

This tablet is great in terms of storage, battery life, and affordability. This device is fairly simple in terms of entertainment because most of the educational or entertaining apps are on the Google Play Store. Only a few apps like an E-reader, art studio, and a video recorder come pre-loaded onto the device.

Another great thing is the fact that Netflix can be downloaded onto the tablet, which is great for kids who love movies and shows. Parents would also enjoy this tablet because it has up to 16GB of memory and also allows 32GB SD cards to be utilized.

The battery for this tablet is rechargeable, which is also great for parents who are constantly on the go with their kids. Lastly, the price of this tablet is pretty basic. It is sold for $100, which is a great price for all the high-quality aspects of this tablet. Overall, it isn’t the best tablet, but it certainly isn’t the worst. 

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These tablets are just a few of the many devices that could possibly be perfect for your child. In my opinion, the Orb Jr. is the best tablet out there for kids. It’s cheap, high quality, and unique, which is basically what makes it so amazing! It all comes down the parent and what they think their child will enjoy.

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