Kindle Fire Vs. Kindle Fire For Kids

Kindle Fire Vs Kindle Fire For Kids

  If you’ve looked around the site very much, then you already know that I recommend the Kindle Fire for Kids quite often. This is because it offers a tremendous value when compared to a lot of the other tablets designed for children that are currently on the market. However, many people have asked me what the differences are between ...

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What’s The Most Durable Tablet For Kids

Most Durable Tablet For Kids

  If your children are anything like mine, it wouldn’t matter if the most durable tablet for kids was made with military grade materials and designed to withstand crashing to Earth from a low orbit.   Somehow, someway, they would still find a way to break it. Typically, this happens due to accidental drops, trips, spills, or one of the ...

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Best Tablet For A 3 Year Old 2017 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

With all the choices available to you on the market, finding the best tablet for a 3 year old can be really overwhelming. From prices, to educational ability, you want to find the best one out there without breaking the bank. Below, you can find our top picks for the best tablets for three year olds currently available. Having a ...

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Best Cheap Tablet For Kids

best cheap tablet for kids

I know all too well what it feels like to be shopping on a budget for stuff for your children, and helping you find the best cheap tablet for kids is something that I hold a little close to my heart. I’ve been there. I’ve felt it. I know the emotional turmoil that can be felt when you want to ...

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What’s A Kids’ Tablet?

What's A Kids Tablet?

There’s no denying that kids toys get more technologically advanced, year after year. Now, a rising trend among popular kids toys are tablet computers that are specifically made for children. Exactly what is a kids’ tablet? Well, read on to understand not only exactly what a kids’ tablet is but also just how beneficial these handy little personal computers can ...

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What’s The Best Tablet For A 2 Year Old?

best tablet 2 year old

Finding that perfect tablet for a two-year-old can be a very challenging task indeed. You need something that is durable, educational, and entertaining. So, what’s the best tablet for a two-year-old? Well, read on to learn exactly what stages of development your two-year-old is going through and what tablets may work the best for them during this crucial stage of ...

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Orbo Jr Tablet Review

With busier lives than ever before, parents are looking for better ways to entertain their children. Tablets designed for kids are the most effective way of entertaining while still educating the children.

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How To Find A Kids Tablet With Netflix

Kids Tablet With Netflix

When it comes to entertainment, Netflix is one of the best values out there. For less than 10 bucks a month, you can have access to thousands of hours of movies and television. With that said, one question that I tend to hear a lot is “Do all tablets for kids work with Netflix?” Unfortunately, they do not. Hopefully, however, ...

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What’s The Best Tablet For A 4 Year Old?

Best Kids

Finding the best tablet for a 4 year old can be a little rough, because four year olds are known for having a lot of questions and being able to speak their minds. So, finding the best tablet for them should be a cinch, right? All you have to do is ask them exactly which tablet they want and presto…. …you ...

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An Updated Nabi Dreamtab Review

Nabi Dreamtab Review FI

When we first covered the Nabi Dreamtab, I have to say I was pretty disappointed. Thankfully, some things have changed and I must admit that I am pretty impressed with the changes that Fuhu has implemented. This updated Nabi Dreamtab review will show you a few of these great changes, and explain why this tablet is now one of our ...

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