When Should You Buy a Kids Tablet With Wifi?

Many families question when they should buy a kids tablet to add to their household.  On one hand, you do not want to introduce too much technology too quickly, but on the other hand, you do not want your child to be left behind when they start school.  That’s right, I said they might be left behind when they start to school!  I would like to share a few thoughts and experiences I have based off of my own family.

I have four children, currently their ages range from 3-10, and each of the kids goes to school.  The youngest is in the preschool program that only attends one day a week, all of the others attend school five days week.  Since we are early into the school year, I have not had a chance to see how much the preschooler is going to use technology, but his sister went through the same program.  Based off of her experiences, I am relatively confident that there will be a tablet used in his classroom.

Since we already had a tablet at home, she was familiar with how to turn it on and access the apps that were installed by the teacher.  These apps all had a foundation in learning, but were also fun.  How else would you expect to keep the attention of a 3 year old?  There were apps that were designed to help with counting, shapes, numbers and countless other skills.  While I do not believe that tablets should take the place of teachers, I do think that they can be a valuable tool when used correctly.

My other children have quite a bit more exposure to technology.  In fact, they even have classes that are called technology.  These classes help to prepare them for the digital age that they live in today.  With the cost of textbooks on the rise, and the wear and tear that each book must endure, I for see tablets playing a much more prominent role in their studies.  There are already a few school districts that have implemented tablets for all students and many others that are looking into tablets for the students and having the textbooks and instructional materials loaded onto them.

I personally would like this system since it would mean that they would only have to keep up with one item.  I am not going to lie, we have had quite a few misplaced library books.  My kids also have a tendency to forget books at school when they need to study for a test.  If the books were digital, I do not think that we would have near the problem with forgetfulness.

So in my opinion, the earlier that you can add a tablet into your family, the better off I think you will be in the long run.  Today’s tablets are not just for fun and games, they are also a valuable educational tool.  A tablet, when properly protected inside of a case, can be used by even the youngest child.  You will be surprised at how well and how quickly your child picks up new skills.

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