Kids Tablet Comparisons

Kindle Fire Vs. Kindle Fire For Kids

Kindle Fire Vs Kindle Fire For Kids

  If you’ve looked around the site very much, then you already know that I recommend the Kindle Fire for Kids quite often. This is because it offers a tremendous value when compared to a lot of the other tablets designed for children that are currently on the market. However, many people have asked me what the differences are between ...

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Kindle Fire HDX vs iPad

When it comes to choosing the perfect tablet, there are many questions parents need the answers to. Which tablet is the best tool for their child to play and grow on? This article will compare the Kindle Fire HDX vs iPad so you can make an informed decision. Age Range/ Ease Of Use These tablets are both designed for adults, ...

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Nabi Dream Tablet vs LeapFrog LeapPad 3

Here we will rate and compare the features offered in some of the hottest tablets for children: The Nabi Dream tablet vs LeapFrog LeapPad 3. Each of the major topics you are concerned about will be rated on a scale of one to five for each device. Christmas is coming up soon and what child isn’t begging for a tablet? ...

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Kindle Fire HD vs Kindle Fire HDX

With the recent release of new Kindle tablets, there are many questions as to whether or not you should join the craze or not. Which Kindle Fire is best? Let’s take a look at the Kindle Fire HD vs Kindle Fire HDX and see which tablet is best for you. My first question was, what does the ‘X’ in the ...

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Innotab 2s vs LeapPad 2 Power

When you are debating getting your child a tablet, how do you choose the best one? Let’s compare the Innotab 2s vs LeapPad 2 Power because each features many wonderful aspects and both seem to be nearly the same device. In reality, they are similar, but there are still aspects where one tablet beats the other.  While looking at these tablets, ...

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