Dragon Touch Tablet Review

This Dragon Touch tablet review will provide detailed information to help you make a tablet decision for your family. The Dragon Touch Tablet is an easy-to-use device offering most of the same features as high-end Android devices without the pinch of that higher price tag. It is an ideal product for young users and those who want to stay on a budget but may not be enough to satisfy those with heavy tech knowledge and skills.


4 out of 5 stars

Age Appropriateness

For all ages who are able to use Internet technology. A superb entry-level device that is easily replaceable if needed.


It is hard to beat at $50-$60. It is pre-loaded with Google Play, which says a lot for this tablet as most devices competing for this level cannot handle that. It is capable of downloading and running most typical apps you would expect to use.


There are no metal parts on this unit, but the plastic is durable. The screen is not glass, and the protective sheet over it may be removed if desired. It is lightweight making it ideal for travel. Built for mobility, its silicone case can withstand drops and spills.

Customer Service and Warranty

It appears there is a company line when it comes to their “robust” warranty. It touts live customer service and tech support from manufacturer Tablet Express. While this does not define whether or not full-replacement is possible versus limited replacement, there are specific return merchandise authorization procedures provided by different vendors.

Regardless, any purchase has the 30-day right of return. There may be restocking fees imposed upon return. It is wise to become familiar with a site’s constraints or the return policy at a physical brick and mortar location to be sure of your remedies.

Battery Life

There is the standard claim of eight hours of life on a fully charged battery. It is strongly advised that you let it charge a full 12-hours the first time. There is the possibility of getting up to eight hours of audio play or up to five hours of video or game play. A replacement battery is available for under $10.

Educational Value

Dragon Touch tablets support the latest version of Zoodles Kid Mode. For anyone not yet familiar with Zoodles, it has received the Parent’s Choice Award for Recommended Website and the Nappa Gold Award as a Family Resource. Zoodles is a safe Kid Mode for every device. Teachers recommend the Zoodles Website as it offers safe, age-appropriate games, a summary of your child’s activities and specific subject selection. It has the capability to block ads or characters as you prefer and promotes educational subjects through games to teach the subjects that matter most to your family. Choose from math, science, reading, creative and life skills.

With the Dragon Touch, your child may view educational videos covering a variety of enjoyable topics such as dinosaurs, counting and geography to name a few. The Art Studio feature provides touch-screen painting without the mess or clean up while appealing to the budding young artist. The iStory Books allow for interactive books that read themselves while your child participates.

Growth Potential

The Dragon Touch is adaptable. You can add or delete applications as your child grows and develops. At the same time, it performs as any tablet making it suitable for older kids looking for more items that appeal to their interests. Google only has about 200,000 different free-software apps.

Games and Entertainment

Nearly anything you typically access on other computing devices can be loaded onto the Dragon Touch including 

Memory and Storage

Right out of the box, the Android 4.0 Operating System is a Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and countless games. It supports Online video, TV, movie, music and radio. 4GB storage capacity with DDR3 512MB memory. In addition, the TF card slot allows for use of a Micro SD card that provides up to 32GB of additional storage. It is advisable to avoid going to full capacity on the memory as it can tie up operation. There have been complaints about the system hanging up.

Power, Speed, and Screen Quality

The Dragon comes with a dual core, high-performance processor that makes everything run faster. It supports HD Flash 11. The 7-inch 1024 x 600 touch screen resolution is higher than most models in its price range. There are some complaints about the speed slowing down when attempting to do many things at once. Best results are achieved when you can take processes one at a time. With the variety of browsers available, it is possible to settle on one that will launch faster and more efficiently. You just have to try them and see what you like.

Ease of Use

The Dragon Touch is easy to use with the preloaded OS and applications. It is possible to apply parental blocking depending upon the age of users. Personalize avatars for different users. The built-in speakers are no better than any smaller device, but that sound is greatly enhanced with the use of earphones. It does have both front and back cameras that serve the purpose. They are not the highest quality but produce satisfying results whether taking pictures or making videos.


There are mixed emotions when people want to compare its performance to other devices such as Apple’s iPad or Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. If you are willing to take into consideration that this is a light-weight, mid-level device designed to provide Internet access along with a host of features, it serves the purpose very well.

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  1. I brought a Dragon Tablet for my daughter for Christmas. I love the tablet and she does too however the camera on it does not work. Very upset about that but love the tablet. What can be done ??

    • Hey Leigh Ann,

      Depending on when you purchased the tablet, you may be able to return it for an exchange. With the issue you’re experiencing with the camera, there are several things that could be causing it, and the easiest, and best, fix that you could get would be to swap out the tablet for another one. Hope this helps you out and best of luck!



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