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UPDATE: Nabi has made some significant changes to this tablet. You can find a full in-depth Nabi Dreamtab review here.

Parents are always looking for ways to keep their child happy and entertained and most kids want tablets. Fortunately, several tablet makers have turned their focus from highly technical adult tablets, to more kid friendly versions. One popular tablet is the Nabi DreamTab.

In order to find the right tablet for children, you must know what the device consists of, and its pros and cons. For example, battery life, performance, and storage drive size are just a few of the many aspects parents should always check out before they purchase a tablet for their kids.

Here are some details on getting to know the Nabi Dream Tab.

Age Appropriateness

The Nabi DreamTab was designed for children between the ages of 6 and 10. However, it is a little complex for them.


Kid tablets aren’t as efficient and unique as ordinary tablets for adults, like the iPad or Kindle. However, the Nabi DreamTab is $269, which is equivalent to some of the ordinary tablets from other companies, like Apple, Amazon, or Samsung. Since the DreamTab cannot do most of the things that these other ordinary tablets can do, the price seems a bit steep.

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Fortunately, this tablet is very durable. It has a very large and tough screen with a sturdy outer design. This tablet was designed for children, so durability was on the mind of its creators, and it shows.

Customer Service and Warranty

The Nabi DreamTab can be bought from several popular retailers, so the warranty really does depend on the store the product is purchased from. In general, the tablet has a very good warranty, and it can be fully replaced if you purchase the insurance for it.

Battery Life

Sadly, the Nabi DreamTab does a poor job with battery. Constant use of games, Internet, or music will drain the battery. The tablet lasts about 4 to 5 hours if being used for games or the Internet.

Ease of Use

The Nabi Dream Tab has many options and settings in order to help create a better and fun time for children when in use. There are excellent parental controls that are easy for parents and great for children because it helps to keep them safe! Since the age range for the tablet isn’t very high, this parental and safety control feature is very handy.

Educational Value

The Nabi DreamTab isn’t very educational because it is known to be more of a fun and leisurely tablet rather than an educational device. However, parents can download educational apps onto the device or buy education games for the tablet to help keep their kids learning!

Growth Potential

This device is great for a child to grow up with. It will keep your child’s attention for several years. However, after the ages of 10 or 11 it might be time to start looking for another device.

Games and Entertainment

Most kids enjoy watching shows or movies on tablets so Netflix comes in handy. Fortunately, the Nabi DreamTab allows Netflix to be used, which will leave kids entertained and parents happy. This tablet is mainly for entertainment, but don’t forget that educational aspects like apps and learning games can be added, but not for free.

Memory and Storage

This tablet is pretty good on memory and storage. 16 GB seems like a pretty good amount of space for games, movies, shows, and more. Children like different options when it comes to games though, so more space is always nice. This tablet can process SD cards in order to help expand the memory! It allows SD cards that have a maximum space of 8, 16, or 32 GB.

Power, Speed, and Screen Quality

As said before the quality of the screen is great because it’s wide, tough, and very clear! The performance of the tablet is also great because it’s fast, but it can be a little complex and tough for kids to use. Lastly, it is also very speedy both with and without Wi-Fi.

Aesthetics and Customization

Unfortunately, the Nabi DreamTab does not come in any other color but a bright orange. However, kids can create their own avatars when first starting out with the tablet.


Overall, this tablet is not the best in terms of having many unique aspects. It may be fast and fun for your child, but it’s age range is limited. If you’re looking for a kids tablet that will suit this range much better for education and performance, then take a moment to check out this post before deciding on the Nabi Dreamtab. 

What are your thoughts on the Nabi Dreamtab? I know that I honestly must say that I’m disappointed after the Nabi 2 was such a great kids tablet.

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      With the Nabi, you will need to go into mommy mode and head over to either the Google Play store or the Nabi store and pick the apps you want to download. Hope this helps!


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