Innotab 2s vs LeapPad 2 Power

When you are debating getting your child a tablet, how do you choose the best one? Let’s compare the Innotab 2s vs LeapPad 2 Power because each features many wonderful aspects and both seem to be nearly the same device. In reality, they are similar, but there are still aspects where one tablet beats the other

While looking at these tablets, please keep in mind that the LeapFrog LeapPad 2 has two models out there. One is called the LeapPad 2 Explorer (does not include WiFi,) and the other is the LeapPad 2 Power. I will try to differentiate the models throughout the comparisons, although this comparison is technically for the LeapPad 2 Power. 

Additional information and a detailed review for the LeapPad 2 can be found here. 

For convenience, we will rate them on a scale from 1 to 5 with 5 being the best.

Both of the tablets are built for the age range 3-7, and have 5-inch screens. The screen quality for both of them is virtually the same.
(Leappad-3 | Innotab-3)

Durability and Style

The Innotab 2s is built on a more child-like scale in the fact that it is slightly larger and has chunkier edging. This makes the appearance of the two differ. The Innotab is quite clearly a toy while the sleek look of the Leappad showcases a more adult style to match what mom and dad have. The Inntotab offers the colors blue and pink and the Leappad features the signature green or a pink.

When it comes to durability, the devices are similar. Neither come with screen protectors. Weight wise, the Innotab is heavier, mainly because it is larger. (Leappad-4 | Innotab-4)

Battery Life

The Innotab is powered by 4 AA batteries, but the life of the batteries depends on how much it is used. It is suggested to invest in some nice, rechargeable batteries to use in this tablet. Please note that the LeapPad 2 Power model has rechargeable batteries with an AC adapter. (Leappad-5 | Innotab-3)


The Leappad has twice the capacity (4GB) for storage, but cannot be connected to an external memory source. While the Innotab only holds 2GB of memory, it can hold an SD memory card to expand memory if necessary.
(Leappad- 3 | Innotab-5)

Growth Potential

Both tablets include software to get you going and have cameras built-in. The Leappad includes some fun music, while the Innotab only has the theme song. Both have apps all ready on them, but the Innotab has 15 while the Leappad Explorer comes preloaded with 5 apps and the LeapPad 2 Power comes preloaded with 9 apps. Each tablet has access to an app store where they download over 200 different apps. (Leappad-4 | Innotab-5)

Educational Value

Both tablets have multiple learning games and can be downloaded via the app store or played with cartridges that can be purchased separately. The cartridges built for the previous generation device for Leappad can still be played in the Leappad 2. In addition to this, the Leappad features the ability that allows parents to track their child’s learning online. Both tablets also have the option to add ebooks for the children to download. (Leappad-4 | Innotab-3)

Ease of Use

Both offer a tilt motion sensor and volume adjustments. The Leappad is slightly more user friendly by featuring both a front and rear camera along with sunken buttons. The Innotab 2s features a rotating camera. (Leappad- 5 | Innotab- 4)


Now for the big question; which is the most affordable? The Leappad retails around 100 dollars, but can be found somewhere between $70-$80. The Innotab retails between $60 and$ 80. But, if you to purchase the SD card for additional memory and rechargeable batteries, the LeapPad 2 Power is friendlier to your pocketbook. Although, depending on where you shop, you can find them for different prices. (Leappad-4 | Innotab-3)

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Which tablet is best for your family?

If you are looking for a longer warranty, I would lean towards the LeapPad 2 Power with its full 12 month warranty as the Innotab only offers a 90 manufactures warranty. 

As you can see, both tablets offer a lot of the same features. They are generally in the same price range.

I must admit that I like them both for different reasons. The LeapPad 2 Power offers the rechargeable battery pack with an AC adapter, but the Innotab allows for additional memory. 

We hope this comparison of the Innotab 2s vs the LeapPad 2 Power tablets helps you decide on the perfect tablet for your child. 


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