Could A Tablet Be Bad For Your Kids?

As a parent, you constantly wonder if the choices you make for your children are the best ones you can make.  I know I struggle with the decisions I make for each child.  I want what is best for them, but I do not want to expose them to things that they are not ready to experience. 

I know that things have changed a lot since I was a child.  I did not get my first cell phone until I was in my twenties and already married, and yet my 10 year old already has one.

One of the biggest reasons that we decided that she was ready for a cell phone so early is that many of her friends do not have home phones any longer.  We want her to have the ability to contact us any time she feels the need to do so. 

That was our reasoning at the time, but the cell phone has come to serve other purposes as well.  It is not uncommon to see her looking up information for school using the internet on her phone. 

Remembering The Technology Of My Childhood

Old ComputerI can still remember when the internet utilized dial up technology.  Say the words “dial-up internet” to your children.  I bet you will get the same vacant look that I did. Play the sound associated with it, and you’ll quickly be told that’s too noisy.

Each family will have to make the decision on when to purchase their first family tablet.  Tablets are not just for playing games, they can also serve as valuable learning tools. 

It is possible to even load public library books onto your Kindle to read at your convenience.  The earlier a child is exposed to new skills, usually the easier it is for them to pick up on those skills.

Personally, I do not see tablets as a bad addition to the family.  But only if they are properly supervised.  There should be limits on screen time for each child.  There should also be restrictions on what type of content can be accessed by children. 

The Amazon Fire Kids Edition comes pre-loaded with the Freetime App that allows the parent to set daily limits on tablet use.  The app also lets the parent set what type of content is available for the child.

What A Kids’ Tablet Can’t Become

A tablet is not a babysitter or a teacher, nor can it replace either of these people.  A tablet can only be considered as a bad choice if it is just handed to the child with no supervision. 

A properly supervised tablet can be a benefit to both the parent and the child.  There are new apps created everyday to entertain and teach.  For as many good apps there are, there are also as many apps that would not be considered child friendly. 

A password on the App Store can help you as the parent to screen what content is being downloaded.

As you can see there are pros and cons to having a tablet in your home.  In my home, the pros far outweigh the cons.  We have had a tablet for the past 3 years.  I see us having a tablet for many years to come.  Our electronic devices will always be supervised and a privilege.  The kids know that they are not entitled to the tablet, and that it can be taken away from them for improper use.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you believe that children have too much exposure to technology? Please leave your thoughts, questions, and comments below.

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