Kindle Fire HD Review

This Kindle Fire HD Review sheds some light on this tablet and the many functions it offers for younger users. The Kindle Fire HD tablet is fun to use and well worth the purchase cost. It’s durable, fast and an ideal solution for a wide range of children.

Update: Amazon has recently unveiled this tablet specially designed for kids. You can read more about the Amazon Kindle Fire Kids’ Edition over here.

Rating-Kindle Fire HD Review

This device deserves a 4.5/5 rating.

Age Appropriateness

The Kindle Fire HD can be a great educational and entertainment tablet for children ages 4 through 12. Teenagers will also be able to have a fun time with the Kindle Fire HD. This is also one of those wonderful tablets that adults can enjoy as well. This makes it one of the best tablets out there for the entire family.


The average price for a new Kindle Fire HD is $139.00 which is an amazing value for the power of this tablet. For just $30 more you can upgrade to the 16GB version which is also an amazing product for the price.

Kindle Fire HD Review Best Price


The Kindle Fire HD is a durable tablet that can withstand the test of time. With this being said, it’s best to purchase a case for the Kindle Fire HD to protect it from scratches and screen cracks, especially when purchasing one of these for children. There are also water-proof cases available to prevent harmful water damage to the amazing Kindle Fire HD tablet.

Customer Service and Warranty

There is a 1-year limited warranty and service included with the purchase of this tablet. Customers can also add a 2-year extended warranty which is a valuable asset to protect your investment.

This tablet is also backed by Amazon’s amazing customer service department which is always easily contacted and generally more than happy to help you.

Battery Life

The Kindle Fire HD can be used up to ten hours without a battery re-charge. The tablet will take up to six hours to fully charge.

Ease of Use

The Kindle Freetime option makes it a simple process to monitor the activities of young children by setting up personal profiles for them that will only permit them to view age-appropriate content. Moreover, with Freetime parents can set time limits for their child’s usage of the Kindle Fire tablet. Wi-Fi password protection should be enabled to prevent kids from surfing the web without permission to do so.

Educational Value

Although limited, there are a variety of free educational apps available for children. Some of these recommended educational apps include the NASA NOW app, Pocket Penguin, 50 States, and the Words with Friends app. Parents can also purchase some inexpensive education-based apps for their children through Amazon.

Growth Potential

As younger children grow into their teenage years, they will still be able to enjoy the Kindle Fire HD Tablet.

Games and Entertainment

With its crisp HD display and faster processor, kids will have a much easier time enjoying games, books, and movies with the Kindle Fire HD. Children can visit Netflix to watch some of their favorite movies and television programs. When the kids have some free gaming time, they can access thousands of age-appropriate games through Amazon or other websites. Comic books are easy to read on the tablet. It is recommended to download the Comixology comic reader app to add to the comic book reading experience.

Memory and Storage

Tablet owners can expect to have between 8GB and 16GB of internal memory storage available to them. To add more memory, it is best to purchase an external storage drive. There are external storage drives that have up to 320GB of memory.

Power, Speed, and Screen Quality

The power, speed, and screen quality of the Kindle Fire HD are excellent. The 1280×1800 high definition LCD touch-screen screen makes viewing content a pleasant experience in both well-lit and dimly lit areas. Wi-Fi Download speeds for the Kindle Fire HD are more than most tablets due to it being the first tablet with dual Wi-Fi antennas.

Aesthetics and Customization

Kids can get very creative with their Kindle tablet by having a custom safety case that distinguishes their tablet from their peers and siblings. There are several websites, like Caseable, that kids can go to customize their case in any color or design.

Kindle Fire HD Review Conclusion

This tablet is a wonderful investment that the entire family can find enjoyment in. With the numerous educational apps available from the Amazon Kindle library, there is more than enough available to keep your child entertained while learning.

The ability to watch movies and shows via Amazon Prime and Netflix will also let your children watch educational and entertaining movies and television for as long as you allow them. This is definitely one of the best kids tablets currently on the market.

Hopefully this Kindle Fire HD review has helped you learn more about this tablet. Thanks for reading and best of luck finding the right tablet for kids to invest in.

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