Detailed Look at the Samsung Galaxy s 5

Just recently in March, Samsung released their new savvy electronic to the world: the Samsung Galaxy s 5. This phone has been anticipated by many people. Although there have been several rumors of what this phone has in store, only a few are true.

In order to find out if a phone really is worth the money, the phone’s many aspects must be broken down and analyzed. Some aspects that are important to analyze include durability, affordability, and memory and storage, but there’s also more to study.

Here are the details on the aspects of the greatly awaited Samsung Galaxy s 5.


The Samsung Galaxy s 5 is a great device. It hits the mark in every aspect but it is costly. For that reason, we have to give it a 4 out of 5.

Age Appropriateness

There really isn’t a certain age that one must be to have a phone. They should just simply know how to use and hold a phone. It is recommended that people who are 14 and up use this phone. It isn’t difficult to use, so the age range is quite large.


Unfortunately, phones, nowadays, aren’t too friendly with their retail prices. Since most phones have recently started becoming more high-tech, they are beginning to become more expensive. Samsung’s phones were never cheap, but instead their prices increased every time a new product was released. For instance, the S4 was $400, while the S5 is being sold for $600. Yikes!

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Samsung has stepped up their game and has really improved the durability of their products, including the S5. The S5 is both water and dust resistant and has a scratch-resistant glass. Samsung phones aren’t known to have screens that crack very easily mainly because of the improved screen glass.

Customer Service and Warranty

Unfortunately, Samsung only offers a limited warranty for all their Samsung Galaxy S5 users. There aren’t that many people who complained about Samsung’s choices in terms of the phone’s warranty. Since the phone was made well and seems very protected, no one should be worried about his or her warranty.

Battery Life

There have been several great comments about the S5’s battery life. Many people say that Samsung has done a great job improving the design of their battery and that it now has great performance since it can last up to 21 hours while being used. It is not run down by games, Wi-Fi, or movies too much. Additional batteries for this phone are priced at $50.00.

Ease of Use

When setting up a phone, there really isn’t anything that automatically comes with it except for a few apps and widgets. The S5 already comes with Google Chrome as its browser, Google+ and YouTube are installed. From this you can probably tell that there isn’t any inappropriate content already on the phone. However, parental controls should be put on YouTube, but remember the age range for this phone is 14 and up, so teens should be old enough to use the phone without parental controls or supervision.

Educational Value

There really isn’t any educational content on this phone. If teachers or parents would like educational apps, they can simply download them from the play store. The play has a wide range of educational apps to suit any age.

Growth Potential

As said before the age range for the Samsung Galaxy S 5 is 14 and up, so small children shouldn’t really be using this phone unless they are engaging in the educational content downloaded from the play store. Basically, younger kids can enjoy the educational content downloaded to the phone and older kids will just enjoy the entire phone in general.

Games and Entertainment

There are many apps that are created and sold on the play store to please people. One of the most famous apps used is Netflix and fortunately, Netflix can be downloaded and used on the S5. Many things can be downloaded onto this phone because it caters to everyone. As said before, not only is this phone for entertainment, but also for business, leisure, or educational uses.

Memory and Storage

The S5 has 2Gb of Ram and has a built-in storage of either 16 GB or 32 GB. Not much to say besides the fact that it’s very spacious!

Power, Speed, and Screen Quality

So far since people have just started to purchase the phone, there haven’t been any complaints about its speed, power, or screen quality, which means that Samsung has really improved their products.

Aesthetics and Customization

There are only three colors choices for the S5: gold, charcoal black, and shimmery white. Samsung has always been known to provide really basic colors and nothing to fancy.

Would the Samsung Galaxy s 5 work for your family?

Overall, the rating I’d give to this phone would be 4 out of 5 stars. Everything is great and has been greatly improved by Samsung, which is a miracle. However, is the S5 worth $600? That’s for you to decide!

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