Samsung Kids Tablet Review

Most manufacturers of tablets are now targeting the children’s market with tablets built to suit their likes. Samsung has introduced the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Edition, solely for this purpose. This tablet is a kid friendly (or child-optimized) version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, loaded with kid friendly software. This Samsung Kids Tablet Review will hopefully help you decide if this tablet is a good investment for your family.

Overall Rating | Samsung Kids Tablet Review

We’re giving this tablet a 4 out of 5. Samsung has the right formula for entertaining children with its pre-packed games and software.

Age Appropriateness

Children between ages of 5 to 10


This tablet is built on the base of Samsung’s already affordable tablet range and it reflects on this edition. You can pick this one up for right around $200, give or take. Compared to other tablets it is a bargain indeed.



The tablet comes equipped with a, brightly colored, durable rubber case and a sports compact form factor. It is highly attractive to kids and sturdy enough to take the usual abuse.

Customer Service and Warranty

This tablet version carries warranties of parts and labor of 1 year each.

Battery Life

You can expect a typical battery life of around 7 to 8 hours. This was tested by keeping the brightness at 40% and playing a game while Wi-Fi was switched on.

Ease of Use

The parental blocks are pretty robust and detailed enough for designing a childproof experience. Considering the age range this product is targeted towards, these parental controls are substantial.

Educational Value

The educational value on this product is limited to the child actually going into the “kid’s store” provided by Samsung. There, children can choose products from four categories; Learning, Play, Story and Other. The camera supports a ‘children mode’ which allows their creativity to flow by letting do things like place objects, such as funny hats, on the pictures.

Growth Potential

Since the device is based on the latest Android operating system, children will most likely use the product beyond its targeted age bracket.

Games and Entertainment

Games and apps like Toy Story, Smash It!, Fruit Ninja and more can be run on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 right out of the box. The device includes a child-friendly photo gallery and camera app. The tablet is also capable of running Netflix and most other popular children’s apps.

Memory and Storage

Samsung has equipped this model with 1GB of RAM and 8GB flash memory.

Power, Speed, and Screen Quality

Sporting a 1.2-GHz dual core Marvell processor you couldn’t exactly call this a powerhouse. This Galaxy Tab doesn’t score very high in bench tests. Remember it is designed for children and not power users.

Aesthetics and Customization

So far, this model comes in only one color, but Samsung has plans for more colors in the future. However, there’s a wide range of bumper guards that come in different colors – they range anywhere from $13 to $39.

This tablet is a great effort by Samsung. It is geared towards children and actually provides the correct tools and a controlled experience for kids to explore. It is designed to build a solid foundation for children. They will be extremely comfortable when moving on to a regular tablet with advanced features.

Samsung Kids Tablet Review Conclusion

This tablet is a good purchase for those who value entertainment over education. The Samsung brand is known for releasing quality products at affordable prices. If education is more of a concern for you, or if you want a little more power for your money, then you may want to check out some other options.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our Samsung kids tablet review and good luck finding the right tablet for your family.

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