What’re the Best Tablets for Kids – The 3 Best Tablets by Age

What are the best kids' tabletsWith all of the many different options you have to choose from, sometimes it can be really hard to figure out what’re the best tablets for kids. We’ve taken a moment to try to break down the top tablets for 3 different age groups based on the educational and entertainment needs of those children. Read on below to discover which tablets we have chosen as the best tablets for kids based on their age groups.

What’s the best tablet for kids ages 2 to 6?

Children in this early stage of development are trying to learn essential skills in reading, math, speech, and more. Educational development is the MOST important thing to consider while shopping for a tablet for children of this age group.

With that said, we have chosen the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra XDi as the best tablet for younger children and for good reason. The LeapFrog brand has the strongest history among children’s toy makers of creating products that are designed to help your child develop the highest skills possible in regards to their learning and development.

Through the years as the LeapPad product line has grown, it has received numerous awards from parents, teachers, and toy manufacturers that truly give the lineup the ability to claim to be the best educational toy line out there.

With a 2-year featured warranty, a relatively low price of right around $100, and countless apps, games, and videos that are not only entertaining but also educational, the LeapPad Ultra XDi is definitely going to be a kids’ tablet that you will not find yourself disappointed with.

You can check out some great deals on the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra XDi tablet below at Amazon including some impressive discounts and the availability of free shipping as well.

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What’s the best tablet for kids ages 7 to 9?

This is a fairly difficult age to shop for actually in regards to kids tablets as many children, my oldest son included, believe that younger looking tablets look too “babyish.” The problem that this creates is that while you want your child to be able to be entertained, you still want them to have the ability to learn things at the same time.

This is where the Nabi Dreamtab tablet can really come into play. The Nabi Dreamtab offers great parental controls which allow you to still maintain control of what your child is seeing. It includes such features as a credit system in which you can “pay” your child in credits for completing chores (sounds silly, but it’s VERY effective when used properly. You can read more about how I use it here).

It also comes fully loaded with the Google Play store. The Google Play store will allow your child to be able to play all of the hottest new tablet games and apps that their friends are talking about, while still allowing you to control how much time they can spend playing those games.

With a very powerful Intel processor, an impressive amount of system RAM, the ability to expand the storage space through the use of a Micro SD card, and a kid tough design, the Nabi Dreamtab delivers a lot of power for a decent price of right around $200. This tablet, while built for kids packs the power of many modern gaming devices and tablets of a much higher price point.

The Nabi Dreamtab is truly an amazing tablet for kids that packs hours of entertainment, limitless design, and creative tools into a small little device that is sure to impress any user. You can snag up one of these tablets for right around $200 over at Amazon. Check out the link below for more information.

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What’s the Best Tablet for Older Children and Teens?

Oh the tween and teen years. If you’re a parent of a child in these age brackets, then that sentiment says it all. It seems as those these kids want the majority of things handed to them on a silver platter regardless of cost. That coupled with the fact that many of them are struggling with peer pressure and trying to “keep up with the Joneses” when it comes to maintaining peer relationships.

Those things combined with the fact that kids of these age groups are also trying to form their own self-identities and decide what they want to do during their adult lives, makes this a critical age for education of a completely different type.

From research to entertainment, one tablet family has the most power and a loaded down app store to boot. This tablet family is of course the iPad lineup. Which one of the iPads is best for your tween or teen?

Well, that is a decision that has to be made based on both price and overall long-term value. A big issue that iPad owners face is that while the tablets themselves will certainly stand the test of time, the software and operating systems in them are often replaced within 3 to 5 years.

That sounds like quite a while, but truthfully you are spending close to the same amount as you would on a fairly strong laptop computer here.

Now, the good news is that while the iPad minis and iPad Airs both have similar internal power, the biggest difference in the two is their screen sizes. Yes, I know that a screen size difference can be a huge deal-breaker for kids of these ages.

Now, I do have one recommendation that I will make if you are considering buying your child an iPad. That is to go ahead and purchase the largest memory storage that you can afford. The reason for this is that unlike many other tablets out there, iPads CAN NOT be expanded with the use of an SD card.

While a 16GB tablet sounds like a lot of space, take into account that it is roughly only 40 apps. When you take into account all of the social sharing that kids in their teens and tweens will be doing, you will see that a 16GB tablet becomes full VERY fast.

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A Close Runner Up for the Best Tablet for Tweens and Teens

While the iPad family took the award for the best tablet for teens and tweens, there was a very close runner-up as far as I’m concerned. This came as a sort of shocker to me as a parent, but as no surprise as a gamer.

You see, last year Nvidia came out with their own tablet that has been specifically made for gamers. Now, the key thing that you need to know about devices built for gamers is that they are made to take a MAJOR beating and keep performing at top-notch standards.

Nvidia has been around for many years, and has established themselves as creating superb graphics and video accelerator cards for computers that are second to none.
This year’s Nvidia Shield tablet is an impressive little beast. Well, honestly it’s not that little since it packs a whopping 8-inch screen and does so with enough power to rival most home computers.

It features a Tegra K1 processor that many of the apps and games on the Google Store can’t even touch yet. This means that it hasn’t been built for the market of today, but rather the market of the future.

It features 16GB of onboard storage but unlike the Apple iPad lineup, it has an SD card slot which allows for expandable memory and storage removal. Want to take a huge collection of Blu-Ray videos on the go with you? If so, this is the tablet for you.

If being able to play games with a separately sold console-style controller with graphics quality that rivals the Xbox 360 sounds nice, well guess what, you can with this powerful tablet.

So, how much does all of this power cost you with an 8-inch screen? Well, surprisingly less than you would imagine. The Nvidia Shield tablet of 2014 is only going to set you back around $300 and you can find an Amazon link below to this new tablet.

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What Are Your Thoughts on the Best Kids Tablets?

Do you agree with the tablets that we have chosen to be the best overall winners? Have you used any of these tablets before? Have any suggestions or questions that you would like us to take a look at? Please drop them in the comment field below and best of luck on your tablet hunting!

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