What’re the Best Apps for Kids?

There are tons and tons of apps available in every single app store for you to choose from as a parent.  But, how do you choose what’re the best apps for your kids and family?  There are a few different criteria that I look for when choosing apps to be downloaded to our family of devices.  While these are my personal criteria, please feel free to adjust them so that they will best suit your family and needs.

Things To Consider When Buying Apps For Your Family

  1.  Price – For me price is always one of the main things that I look at when researching an app. With four kids I can not afford to have a lot of money tied up in paid apps.  As a matter of fact, we have very little money invested in paid apps.  There are plenty of free apps in the App Store that will suit the needs of your family. Thanks to one of the recent kids’ tablets, all of our apps are now free and I can rest assured that they are age appropriate. You can read more about which tablet that is by clicking here.
  2. Age Range – It always seems to fall back to the kids.  I have found that it is sometimes hard to find apps that will appeal to all of the kids.  My solution is to let each of the kids pick out a few apps to have installed.  If those apps are not what they are wanting, then we delete them and find ones that do work for us.  This falls back to the first point, price.  If I am not having to pay for the apps then I am more willing to download and look into the app.
  3. Reviews – I always try to read the reviews of an app before I download it.  I try to read a sampling of good and bad reviews so that I have an idea of what we are getting involved in when we download.  Keep in mind that these reviews are made by people that you probably will never meet.
  4. Storage Space –  Size Some apps require a larger amount of storage than other apps.  This may or may not affect you depending on the amount of apps you have on your device and the amount of memory that your device has.
  5. Internet Access –  Some of the apps that my older children are getting involved in involve making posts.  These posts can either be written or pictures.  My standing rule is that I have full access to any of these posts.  I also make sure that I know who is able to communicate with them.  I have the final say so in who they can share posts with and who can share with them.  I will admit that we have had a few disagreements concerning this, but I have stood firm.  Otherwise the app would be deleted.

 These are just a few of the things that I take into consideration when we are looking at installing new apps onto our tablet.  I feel it is important as a parent to know what has been installed onto the tablet and how it is used.  If I do not OK the app then it will not be installed. 

It’s important to make sure that you have setup the parental controls on your tablets so that your children do not have the power to install their own selection of apps. There are more than a few out there that are simply inappropriate for kids and contain language, nudity, or violence. It’s sad that there are companies out there marketing these types of products to young children, but unfortunately they are.

I also do periodic monitoring of the more social apps.  It is very important to teach or children that once something is on the internet, it’s there forever. There are no “takebacks” when it comes to what you’ve shared online.

What Do You Think?

What do you like to check when it comes to selecting the best apps for your family? What are some of your favorite apps? Please feel free to share below and thanks for reading!

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