What’s Amazon Freetime?

Have you been wondering what to get your kids for Christmas that won’t end up lost under the bed?  If so, then you can do like me and buy them the new Amazon Kindle Fire Kids’ Edition. This is going to be the one big present under our tree for all the kids to share.  One of the great features that the Kids’ Edition Fire comes with already preinstalled is the Amazon Freetime App. What’s Amazon Freetime you may ask? Well, read on so that you can understand exactly why the Amazon Freetime app is sure to be a major hit in your family too.

What is the Amazon Freetime App?

The Amazon Freetime app is the answer to every parents wish. It allows you as the parent to impose limitations on what can be done on the tablet, and when exactly the tablet can be used. Having a free year of Freetime enabled is actually one of the major reasons that we have named the Kindle Fire Kids’ Edition as the best kids’ tablet of 2014

Do you have more than one child like I do? No problem, the Freetime App can be customized for up to four children.  Once the app has been activated it takes a password to exit, this means that there can be no inappropriate searches. It also means that there are no ads, and no way for any purchases to be made without the password.

This will let you rest assured knowing that your children do not have the ability to purchase any additional apps, games, or movies without your approval. This is true even though your credit card information may be tied to your Kindle device

How Does the Freetime App Handle Time Controls?

The Freetime App allows the parent to set up how long the tablet can be used for games, reading, or videos.  I can set it so that there can not be any games played until there been a set amount of reading completed.  I can also set the hours that the tablet can be used, which means that I will not be having to police the kids and make sure that it is put up at night.  

With the new Amazon Fire Kids’ Edition, there is a free year of the Freetime App included in the purchase price.  Once the first year is up, there is a monthly subscription available for purchase.  If you are already a Prime member then you will get a discount on the monthly subscription. 

How Much Does the Freetime App cost?

As of this writing the monthly fee ranges from $2.99 for one child (with the Prime discount) to $9.99 for up to four children (without the Prime discount).  As you can see the monthly subscription is an affordable alternative to having to purchase high priced cartridges or apps for other systems. 

What Else Can Freetime Do?

The Freetime App does not stop with just the parental controls.  The subscription allows you and your children to have unlimited access to thousands of videos, books and apps.  These titles have been handpicked and include many favorites from Disney, Nickelodeon and PBS.  You can also allow your child to have access to any other titles you may already have in your Amazon library.  In case you missed it, there are no ads in the Freetime App, so you can feel safe in knowing that your child will only have access to the content that you choose. 

Since one of the great features of the Freetime App is the ability to set it up for more than one child, you can have content and apps downloaded specifically for your toddler that your older school ages child would not be interested in seeing.  The older children can have their books and apps all to themselves without having to worry about the younger children messing up their progress. 

Final Thoughts on Freetime

The suggested age range for the Kindle Fire Kids’ Edition is 3-8, but once you turn off the Freetime App, the tablet is fully functioning and can do anything that a regular Fire can.  I plan on using the tablet just as much as the kids do so that this can truly be a gift for the entire family.

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What do you think about the overall promise of the Amazon Kindle Freetime app? Have you had any experience using it in the past? Do you want any more information about it?

Please feel free to leave any questions, comments, or thoughts below and thanks for reading!

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