What’s The Best Tablet For A 4 Year Old?

What's The Best Tablet For A 4 Year OldFinding the best tablet for a 4 year old can be a little rough, because four year olds are known for having a lot of questions and being able to speak their minds.

So, finding the best tablet for them should be a cinch, right?

All you have to do is ask them exactly which tablet they want and presto….

…you know which tablet is the best one for their age group. Quick. Easy. Done. Only if it were.

If you have a 4 year old, then you know picking out something they will not only like, but actually use is hard enough:

Picking out something that they will use that can really benefit their education, keep them entertained, and help them develop key skills that are crucial to their age sounds like an impossibility.

Thankfully, it isn’t. It’s actually pretty easy and it boils down to just one question…

What Should You Look For?

Okay, so, let’s cover some of the basics of snagging up a great tablet for your 4 year old:

First, you want it to be educational, right?

Next, it needs to be durable….oh and don’t forget about fun!

Finally, it should be able to grow with your child and:

Handle the demands that upcoming apps and games place on it too, correct?

Yep, and it also shouldn’t require you to take out a second mortgage in order to pick it up.

There ya have it:

Exactly what you have to look for when trying to find the best tablet for your 4 year old.

So, what if I could save you a few steps and a lot of time?

Would that make your life a little easier?

I hope so….

….and that’s why I’ve taken the time to take a look at several different tablets and pick out the one I think is the best tablet available for 4 year olds.

Ready to find out which one is the best tablet for a 4 year old?

Well, you’re going to have to wait a second. (or scroll on down the page for it LOL)

Why do you have to wait? Because I want to explain to you first why this tablet was chosen.

Why I’ve Selected This Tablet As The Best Tablet For Four Year Olds

Four year olds are a different breed than both their younger and older peers.

This is because they are just starting to combine the elements of school with what they’ve learned at home.

From morals to math, tv to reading, your 4 year olds interests are going to change a lot as they begin to hit the school age years.

Why is this? Well, to be blunt and short, it all comes down to one thing:

Peer influence! The good news is, that in most cases, at this age peer influence can be a really good thing.

4 year olds are often exposed to the interests of other children at preschool and among play groups. For example:

Your child may head out the door on Monday morning thinking that Bob the Builder is the coolest thing since sliced bread and come back on Thursday claiming that it’s a baby show and now Ninja Turtles or Spongebob is the greatest.

Should this worry you? No, generally it’s a pretty safe thing. The important thing is to encourage your child to always have their own identity away from their peers.

So, I’m sure you’re wondering how this relates to tablets….

….in short, you need to find a tablet for your 4 year old that is going to allow you to be able to always adjust their likes and desires with the apps and programs that are available for the tablet.

For example, let’s jump back to that Bob the Builder deal:

If you buy a tablet that features Bob the Builder on the case, Bob the Builder games and apps, and Bob the Builder videos, but doesn’t have anything related to Ninja Turtles……

….you guessed it, when your child’s interests change, they aren’t going to be spending a lot of time with the Bob the Builder tablet you just shelled out $149 for.

Now, they want the Ninja Turtle tablet that’s going to set you back another $119!

The good news, there’s an easy solution to this:

Buy a tablet that can be adjusted for your child’s age and educational skills lol.

The Best Tablet For A 4 Year Old

So, now that you understand the reasons that I have chosen this tablet as the best tablet for a 4 year old, let me reveal which one it is.

The best kids tablet for four year olds in my opinion is the LeapPad Epic.

There are actually a few additional reasons that I have made this choice.

First, it’s made by LeapFrog, a company known for their innovation and educational influence with their toys. They’ve won countless awards for different products from both Teachers’ and Toy Associations.

Second, the LeapPad Epic includes protections and parental controls that get updated frequently. This means that you can rest assured that your child isn’t looking at inappropriate material online.

Third, the apps and games available on the LeapPad are specifically designed to adapt to your child’s individual skill and not their age.

What Do You Think About My Choice For The Best Tablet For Four Year Olds?

Would you agree that the LeapPad Epic is the best tablet for a 4 year old?

I value your feedback of you think about my recommendation. If you agree, please reach out and let me know below.

If you don’t, please let me know why and which tablet you believe would make a better selection.

If you have any additional questions, I urge you to leave them in the comments section below as well. I will answer them as soon as I’m available.

Thank you for taking a bit of time out of your busy day to visit with us here at Kids Tablets with Wifi and I hope that I’ve helped you decide on the best option available to help your child continue to learn, play, and grow.

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