What’s the Best Tablet Case for Kids?

Whenever I am asked whats the best tablet case for kids, I always tell people to look into the Otterbox Defender case.  From phones to tablets, our family has never been failed by the Otterbox.  We have used these cases for every device we own and have yet to be disappointed. 

The Kindle Fire in our family is protected by an Otterbox Defender.  Personally I think that any device that is going to be used by children should be inside of one of these cases. I’m even going to go as far as to put our new Kindle Fire Kids’ Edition in one of these just to be safe.

What About The Price?

The Otterbox Defender is on the higher end of the price point for cases, but once you realize the benefits of the case you will see that the case is well worth it.  One of the great benefits is that all Otterbox cases come with a lifetime warranty.  This warranty covers the case if it becomes damaged or breaks. 

My family has utilized the warranty service multiple times for our phones.  We have had belt clips break, and once a case warped. They were all replaced without any fight whatsoever.

How About Their Customer Service?

Whenever you have an issue with an Otterbox case all you need to do is contact customer service.  We have used the email and phone options, and have had prompt replacement both ways.  When there has been a problem with the case all we had to do was take pictures and email them to the company. 

If they needed further information they contacted me through my email.  Each time we have received our replacement parts in under two weeks.

Otterbox Cases Just Feel Right

An Otterbox case feels sturdy in your hand.  I personally like this.  Many newer devices feel too lightweight for me, this case adds just a little bulk to the device to make it easier for me to handle.  Whenever I have the device in my hands, I don’t feel like it is going to break if I look at it wrong.  I like feeling that my device is protected at all times.

As if the lifetime warranty wasn’t enough, you have the sturdiness of the case.  I know our cases have been put through the ringer.  My phone has been dropped, kicked and otherwise abused by my kids and myself. 

This case takes a beating and keeps on working.  I know that every time we will purchase a new device we will be looking into the Otterbox Defender.  I personally believe that this case is worth every penny.  I do not cringe when I hear electronics hit the floor anymore in our house, to me that is peace of mind that is priceless.

2 thoughts on “What’s the Best Tablet Case for Kids?”

    • The Nabi Jr. is a wonderful choice for a 3-year-old especially if you are willing to join in together-play with them. I know that my cousin who recently turned 3 received one for his birthday back in October and you can hardly get it away from him now lol! It’s a tough little tablet that can stand up to some pretty rough treatment as his took a trip down the stairs within the first week of him having it.


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