What’s the Best Tablet For Kids?


UPDATE: The post below was based on pre-release information that was provided to us here at Kidstabletswithwifi.com.

Unfortunately the information we received was not completely factual and after receiving our Kindle Fire Kids Edition, we CAN NOT recommend this tablet as the best kids tablet of 2014.

Please check out our recommendations for the best kids tablets of 2014 and thanks for visiting.

Searching for a kids tablet can certainly be a daunting task, and if your children are anything like mine, the only thing you have to work with is  “I want a tablet.” A simple Google search simply recovers thousands of different kids’ tablets currently available on the market. So as a parent, how are you able to establish what’s the best tablet for kids?

Hopefully this post will help you answer that very question and provide you with reasons as to why we have chosen this specific tablet to be the best kids tablet currently on the market.

Which tablet has been chosen?

The current winner for the best kids’ tablet of 2014 is the Amazon Kindle Fire Kids’ Edition. After looking over the base specs of the tablet that has been turned into the Kids’ Edition as well as all of the additional benefits that Amazon has decided to include in this tablet, it is a clear front runner for the best kids’ tablet of 2014.

Why is this? Well, let’s start with the simple fact that Amazon is really standing behind this product strongly.



What’s the warranty on the Amazon kids Kindle fire?

The Amazon Kindle Fire Kids’ Edition is coming with a two year no questions asked full coverage warranty that covers everything, including water damage, breaking, screen damage, and so much more. Basically the only thing that isn’t covered by this wonderful warranty is loss of product.

This is hands down the best warranty that any of the kids’ tablets we have looked at so far has. Most other companies offer at best a very limited one year warranty that certainly does not cover damages. Many of them won’t even cover “normal wear and tear.”

In a nutshell, so long as your child keeps up with this tablet and it is not lost. You can run over it in the driveway and Amazon will take care of the problem for you. That speaks volumes for itself. When a company is so certain that this product is going to stand the test of time for your child that they are willing to back it with a full replacement.

This potentially saves you a lot of money. For one, if you were to have to replace your child’s tablet, then you would be looking at the full price of a new tablet ranging up to $200 or more. Second, if you insure one of the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets, you will be paying between $60 and $200 depending on which Kindle Fire you are looking at purchasing.

What about education and entertainment?

While some tablets such as the LeapPad lineup have been given many different awards for educational content in the past and others such as the Nabi 2 have been tough to beat previously due to its innovative entertainment capabilities, no other kids tablet comes close to combining the two with age-appropriate content like the Kindle Fire Kids’ Edition does with its featured year of Amazon Free Time.

True, after that initial year you are paying a small monthly fee to continue to enjoy Free Time, but this fee is always less than $10 and is typically much less depending on how many children you have that will be using the Free Time service. You can find out more information about the monthly Amazon Free Time fees here.

Initially, though, you have nothing to worry about as the purchase of the Kindle Fire Kids’ Edition comes with one year of Free Time included. Exactly how much is that worth?
Well, let’s take a look at the LeapPad for a base cost of games and apps. With the LeapPad 2 you are typically spending anywhere from $20-$40 per app. That can rack up very quickly when you’re trying to entertain your child for hours with their new tablet.

Free Time actually offers thousands of different apps, games, videos, and books which you are able to set for your child to be able to view. Everything is categorized in age appropriate brackets, so that your child does not have access to anything that could be found offensive for their age.

Control is ultimately left up to you as well. For example, if your child is mature for their age, you have the ability to allow certain shows or games to be available to them through manual settings.

Even more entertainment beyond Free Time

Amazon Free Time offers a ton of educational and entertainment value to the Kids’ Edition Kindle Fire. There’s a lot more, however, that can be done with this wonderful tablet as far as entertainment is concerned, so long as there’s proper adult supervision. The following two options will allow your child to have unlimited amounts of entertainment on top of the Kindle Free Time environment.

The first option that you have is Netflix. This is one of the few kids’ tablets that actually supports Netflix and allows it to be played.

By downloading an App you can access your Netflix subscription on the go anywhere that Internet is available. There’s a lot of great kids programming here with options for PBS, Disney, and much more. The only thing is you have to be present so that your children cannot access inappropriate content while on their tablets.

The second option that you can look into is the Amazon prime video streaming service. Many people don’t realize that you actually get free video streaming with your prime subscription.
There’s hundreds of child appropriate programs, shows, and movies available for free on Amazon prime. This will allow for even more entertainment for your child, so long as Wi-Fi is available.

What about when Wi-Fi isn’t available?

This is one of those classic situations of being away from the Internet that a lot of the kids tablets that we review fall short. While many of them offer video services that stream over the Internet, such as their own individual age-appropriate videos very few have any options when Internet is not available.

The Amazon Kindle Fire Kids’ Edition does not fall short here. Any movies that you have purchased via Amazon streaming services are downloadable to your Kindle devices.

This is different than being able to simply stream the movie from Amazon. You always have that option when Internet is available that you can actually download movies from Amazon and store them on the Kindle fire kids’ edition for later use.

This comes in particularly handy when you’re on the go, especially on long car rides, so that your child can have hours of movies to watch while in the car. This coupled with downloadable apps can keep your child entertained while on the go for hours.

How’s the durability of the kids Kindle fire edition?

As previously mentioned, the Kindle Fire Kids’ Edition does come with a full coverage damage protection choose one year warranty. This is so when accidents do happen you are fully covered. The question remains, however, is how durable is the tablet so that you don’t have to use this warranty?

The Kindle fire kids’ edition comes included with a water resistant rubberized case to prevent damage in case of drops, falls, and even spills. This water resistant case makes the Kindle fire kid’s edition one of the most durable kids’ tablets currently available on the market.

Don’t forget just in case you do have the backing of the warranty as well.

The Kindle fire kids’ edition is good for the whole family

Let’s face it, tablets are pretty cool right? In the past I have been known to pick up my kid’s tablet for a few minutes to goof off with while it was just lying in the floor.

The problem is that many of the kids’ tablets currently available on the market don’t have many features to entice parents to do this. This is certainly not the case with the Kindle fire kids’ edition.

As previously mentioned Free Time allows your child to browse safely on their tablet. While you can rest assured that they’re are not accessing inappropriate content for their age.

When they’re not using their tablet, however you can simply enter a password to get out of Free Time and access any of the books that you have purchased, movies on services such as Netflix and Amazon prime, games and apps that you may have downloaded, and so much more.

It’s nice to know that with just a password you’re able to have a tablet that you can use as well as your children for hours of entertainment yourself. This is the only tablet that I know of that allows functionality such as this, aside from the other tablets in the Kindle fire lineup.

The Kindle fire kids’ edition offers unlimited growth potential

One of the big things that we look at when evaluating kids’ tablets is how well the tablet will grow with your child. Many of the kids’ tablets currently on the market offer limited time frames in which your child will find them interesting.

This is especially true with tablets designed for younger children, such as the LeapPad family lineup.

While this is the case with many of the other tablets out there, it is certainly not the case for the Kids’ Edition Kindle Fire. Free Time allows your child to gain access to new programs, apps, shows, and videos as they grow up.

Once your children approached teenage years. They are able to get out of Free Time and have a true adult tablet experience from the Kindle fire kids’ edition.

I know that some concerns for teenagers using this tablet may be the look and aesthetics of the tablet with the case intact the keep in mind the case can always be removed. If there younger children in the home. However, it may be a really good idea to leave this case intact protect the tablet from being damaged.

As your children develop during their younger years, Free Time scales based on their performance as far as educational tasks are concerned, as well as the settings that you program into the tablet as to what’s appropriate for your child.

There are base settings for the age of your child, but ultimately you have the control as to what is available based on your preferences.

When Will the Kindle Fire Kids’ Edition be available?

As you can tell by reading the above information the Kindle fire kids’ edition is certainly going to be one of the hottest gifts this Christmas season. Currently you are able to preorder the tablet for shipping on October 21, 2014.

If this is something that you are strongly considering for your children this holiday season, it would probably be best to pre-order the tablet as soon as possible. Just in case supplies are limited. Once again, as it certain to be one of the hottest items this Christmas season running out of supply is certainly a possibility down the line.

How affordable is the Kindle Fire Kids’ Edition?

Coming in at a price point of one $149 this price places the tablet in the mid-range of prices in the kids tablet market. There are certainly some cheaper options out there, but there are also some that are much more expensive. The value that you get for your $149 is what needs to be paid attention to.

Let’s just take a moment and break down exactly what you were getting for $149. First, the tablet itself typically runs $99 for the same exact tablet in adult version. Next, the case that is included with typically cost you around $25.

Then you add on the value of Amazon Free Time free for one year, which can vary in price, but typically costs right at another $30. On top of that you receive the two year warranty that protects against damage, and breaking. Typically, this same warranty would cost you right around $50-$60. This brings the total value of your $149 to right around $200 if you were to purchase everything separately.

Now the key thing to remember here is that you are getting one year of Free Time, which means that you do not have to purchase any additional apps or games for this tablet in order to make it playable right out-of-the-box. This may not sound like a really big deal, but with other companies charging anywhere from $20-$40 per App, you can really save a lot of money really quick.

Final personal thoughts on the Amazon Kindle fire kids’ edition

When I purchased my sons Amazon Kindle Fire last year, I really wish that this option would have been available. I literally bought him the exact same tablet that is now going to be available in kids’ edition.

On top of that I had to purchase and Otter Box defender case which cost me another $80 as well as additional games and apps which I spent approximately $50 on. I could’ve saved a whole lot of money by purchasing this bundle in the first place.

With the popularity of Amazon, the great customer service that they offer, and the brand recognition that is served, this tablet is sure to be one of the best if not the best available. If you’re wanting to get one, however I strongly recommend ordering it as soon as possible due to the fact that supplies may be limited and nothing has been announced as to how many they will have in stock for this Christmas season.

What are your thoughts on the Kindle fire kids’ edition?

What do you think about this new announcement from Amazon? Is it one that interests you? Do you have any additional questions or comments about the Amazon Kindle fire kids’ edition?

Please feel free to leave your questions, comments and opinions below and as always, thanks for reading.

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